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Sherwood Strength has engineered (patent pending) an innovative plate loaded front squat exercise machine that moves in a multi-directional trajectory with the user. The pivoting ergonomic shoulder pads with tilting handles that rotate axially making front squatting more comfortable, effective and safer in all regards. This user-friendly method of supporting the weight evenly distributed across your chest throughout the range of motion during the squat movement.

We added a removable Sissy Squat feature that hinges away from the base. The Sissy Squat allows you to isolate the quads with a  close foot stance. Incorporated a removable and height adjustable seat, thus allowing a version of box squats. Multiple varying height racking pegs ensure easy, safe racking and re-racking on every set. The weight horn is located opposite the shoulder pad assembly to get that “true feel” movement as if it were an Olympic barbell.

One-inch diameter stainless steel guide rods in both the vertical and horizontal axis connected to lightweight aluminum linear bearings, ensure an ultra-smooth glide action; thus eliminating any jamming and provides for a smooth multi-directional squat movement. Small footprint only 4ft long x 3ft wide base. Height is 7ft.

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